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Testimonials From The Reiki Workshops

The feedback I am happy to give you is that I really enjoyed the day and I've been so full of energy & enthusiasm since it's been un-real. You presented everything to us in a beautiful & friendly way which has strengthened my determination to be a successful Reiki practitioner and hopefully in time a Reiki Master/Teacher. Thank you so much Lynda.
Alison (Reiki II workshop) May 2015

A few days ago I was fortunate to attend Reiki II workshop with Lynda Kerr.
If you like the idea of Reiki and are serious about practicing Reiki my advice to you - book the Reiki II workshop.
Of course, I can only tell about my experience and feelings, so here they are.
On the next day after I've done Reiki II, when I went for my usual walk and exercise, I noticed that I wanted to smile to every person on my way, and at the same time I felt inside like anything is possible (good, of course :)), and all problems could be resolved for the better, so if I would say it in one word, I felt that I am empowered.
If you have read my first testimonial about Reiki I, you probably already noticed that I am Lynda's fan :).
That's why I say - go to Lynda's Reiki II workshop - you will love it.

Alla (Reiki II workshop) May 2015

Lynda’s combination of Reiki and meditation practices in which she has shared with me has been truly life changing. After trying many therapies I was a little unsure of the benefits reiki would give me however I kept an open mind and remained comfortable with that fact that if it did not work it would be a great relaxation experience. To be Honest the days following my first session with Lynda I was exhausted, I relayed this to Lynda whom explained it as possibly being a sign of my adrenals being fatigued and finally resting, which made sense. By my third session I was overwhelmed with the mental clarity, positivity and happiness I was feeling. I was able to easily focus on the positives in my life and appreciate them by using this method to overcome life’s challenges. After my fourth session I felt an intense joy, like a child about to open their gifts on Christmas morning, it’s a natural high, relaxation, a peace.

Lynda is an amazing person, she is gentle and truly embraces and exudes positivity, Lynda’s teachings have been the only successful practice in me being more mindfully present and helping me overcome any self-doubt and embracing all my positives. I will be eternally grateful for the gifts Lynda has shared.
Sky (October, 2015)

“From the very first time I met Lynda I knew my journey into Reiki would be something very special. Having just completed my Reiki Master training I wasn’t wrong. Lynda has taken me on a journey I never dreamt possible’ Reiki has changed my life and Lynda passed on this beautiful gift to me with love, kindness and completely without ego. I cannot recommend Lynda highly enough and I thank her with all my heart for opening up my life to Reiki. Thank you Lynda x”Alison, Sep 2015

Thanks Lynda for the wonderful, supportive and inspirational workshops, Reiki I and Reiki II. Gail, August 2015

I recently completed my Reiki 1 training with Lynda. What a wonderful, gentle experience, with Lynda a warm, genuine and extremely skilled teacher and guide. Maria October, 2014

A few months ago one conversation inspired me to find out what Reiki is and how it works. My first step was to go to the library and get as many books as possible on the subject, so that's what I did and was very glad to see a few books about Reiki.

When I started reading I realised that I already love it - the whole idea of Reiki and what it can do, and I think it can do a lot. And I wanted to start practicing it straight away. But as much as I wanted to do it - I found out that reading a book on Reiki is not enough, as I had to get an attunement from the Reiki Master.

I immediately started my research on internet where I can get attunement to Reiki, and of course, I found some names and places. I decided on one Reiki workshop and was going to call the lady to book it...but for some unknown reason was constantly postponing it.
At some point I've decided to look for some other places and call other Reiki practitioners to see if I can 'feel' that the person is right for me. After a few calls, some answered, some not, I've got a lady on another side of the line returning my call. I felt that was it - I found the person, who I want to go to receive my attunement. It was Lynda Kerr. I could not wait to go to the workshop, but next workshop was on the day I had a ticket to go overseas, so I put my name for the following course date.

A few days ago I completed my Reiki I course, and I am very glad it was with Lynda. Lynda's eyes show her pure heart, kindness and absolute love and passion for Reiki. She is smart and intelligent and has an open mind, which for me is very important, these qualities I highly regard in people. I guess you already have an idea, that I am already Lynda's fan and I would like to suggest you - please call Lynda - either for Reiki treatment or, even better, for Reiki workshop. I am sure you will be glad you followed my advice :).
With love and Reiki,

Alla, October, 2014

"I first met Lynda a few years ago when I went to see her for a Reiki session. Her warmth approach and the way she led the treatment both worked very well for me. I kept in touch with Lynda who is an inspiring and experienced practitioner. As a firm believer in natural therapies, as soon as I heard about the Reiki workshop led by Lynda, I signed up without any hesitation and I enjoyed the whole day. I was delighted to receive an 'attunement' from Lynda who reinforce my belief in the power of Reiki. I would recommend Lynda for anyone who is open to Reiki treatment or eager to learn this Reiji system of natural healing "
Elodie, June 2014

"Excellent Reiki workshop. Lynda’s guidance is clear and well structured. Lynda has confidence in her teaching methods which put students at ease. "
Bernard, June 2014

"Lynda is a captivating story-teller who's passion for Reiki radiates around her. I really enjoyed the Reiki 1 session, and looking forward the Reiki 2."
Melanie, June 2014

"Thank you Lynda for such a practical, informative and nurturing experience within your Reiki course. The ease and flow of learning from Reiki 1 through to Reiki 3 was seemless, congruent and grounding. Completing Reiki 3 has expanded and enhanced the way I live and share both personally and professionally. "
- Diana, (Mosman) April 2014

"Reiki was something I didn’t know anything about. Now, to know such a universal way of healing myself. I will try to be grateful everyday for today. I am grateful for Lynda’s teaching and explanation of Reiki. Her calm presentation was a soothing way to spend a day of my life."
Liz, March 2014.

"Loved the workshop. You are easy to understand calming and friendly. Thankyou Lynda."
Therese, March 2014

"I loved the Reiki 1 course today with Lynda. Lynda made us feel welcomed and engaged us well with instructions and knowledge of Reiki. It strengthened my resolve to Reiki and energised me. Thanks again Lynda."
Vee, March 2014

"I so enjoyed Reiki 1 workshop, have been trying to do it for sometime. I felt the benefits almost immediately. Lynda is a wonderful teacher. Clear,concise and explains everything very well. I am looking forward to the next level. Thankyou Lynda."
Sylvia, March 2014

"The workshop realised all my expectations and brought all my feelings to the fore. Your unconditional love is very catching. Thanks."
Jo, March 2014

"I really enjoyed it. Thankyou and all the best."
Anne, March, 2014

"Thankyou Lynda for an enlightening introduction to Reiki. I really enjoyed the hands on teaching and sharing. I’m looking forward to bringing Reiki into my life."
Foyle, March 2014

"Lynda thank -you so much for the wonderful gift of Reiki.
I was intrigued when you explained the history and practicality of Reiki, in such detail.
The notes you supplied have been most helpful.
Lynda when I returned nine months later to do Reiki 2, I did wonder
What we were going to learn, and to my surprise you passed on the Symbols.
How powerful are they, it really took the healing modality to another level.
Loved the beautiful meditations.
Having a small class meant we could all do the practical,
Reiki and experience the unique healing energy, one on one.
I now have the skills to use Reiki in my everyday life, with peace and harmony.
I was honoured to be in your class, as you are a true Reiki Master.
Many Thanks. Kind Regards "

Elizabeth (Dec 2013)

"I knew about Reiki 5 years ago. A colleague actually did Reiki on me to which I must admit did not appeal to me at all. However, it was kept at the back of my mind because I was searching for something more personal and meaningful other than my religion. My prayer was answered when I met Lynda. Somehow, I knew right away Lynda was the person I wanted to introduce Reiki to me. I could see and feel her glow. I joined the classes and experienced powerful meditation sessions in Reiki I, II and shared Reiki that I attended over the course of six months. I practice Reiki mainly on myself and family members. There were moments when doubtful thoughts crossed my mind that Reiki did not work. Then, one day as I was sitting on the train going to work feeling drained physically and mentally, I thought of giving Reiki a try (last resort). In only a few minutes I could feel the energy flowing into my body. Disbelieved of the power of the energy, I surprised myself and was unable to describe the rejuvenated feeling, whatever it was I felt prior disappeared. That was one of the best days at work. Believe it or not I also Reiki my cooking, particularly when I know it is not going to hit home run. I have two teenage daughters who always pick on their mother for everything. The feedback is always “very delicious”. i find Reiki mysterious yet spiritual at the same time. I learn to listen more to myself and use Reiki to calm down and release negative energy. Thank you Lynda. "
Olyvia, December 2013

"Lynda is a great teacher, healer and communicator. The way she delivers the course for reiki 1 and 2 are personal, informative and most of all fun! From her 'get up and dance' moments to 'super charged reiki' at the end of the sessions, it is all such an amazing journey that you take with her. Lynda's follow up emails at the end of the course shows just how much she cares about her students and what a fantastic and giving person Lynda is. I highly recommend the reiki courses Lynda runs!

Sam ( December 2013)

"I did Reiki 2 with Lynda in December 2013. I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. Lynda passed on a wealth of knowledge in a very generous, relaxed and easy manner.
The workshop was well constructed with plenty of time for hands on experience, feedback and questions.I feel I benefited enormously from the workshop - it gave me valuable tools for improving my physical and emotional wellbeing."

Liz, December 2013

"Thank you so much for the Reiki I workshop. Loved it and felt amazing during and after. Your warm, sincere and passionate teaching style is an inspiration. Have been using the self Reiki ever since and really feel the difference.
Since your workshop I've tied other Reiki Share groups and have found that the fundamental principals, preparation and procedures you teach is far more in line with my style of Healing and in the best interest for the client's highest good.Your generosity with information and your experiences, as well as follow-up is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to Reiki Shares and Reiki II."

Rina, November 2013

"Hello Lynda, I’ve been using the Reiki techniques along with the meditation and getting a lot out of it. Thankyou for such an informative workshop session. Kind regards,"
- Carolyn Reiki 1 workshop, August, 2013

"It was really a pleasure to participate. Connections were made for me with regards to energy and it’s presence and our inherent ability to share it with each other and through each other. I also noticed that whilst ‘doing” Reiki on another that I was meditating. It seemed to assist me in receiving the universal life force, as I had it in my mind that I was receiving it to flow through me into another and back out into the universe. Whereas meditating on my own new seemed to happen as naturally. Reiki was the missing link. Thankyou Lynda for your kind and aware nature."
- Andrea, Reiki 1 workshop, July 2013

"What are wonderful experience, you are a great teacher Lynda."
- Monica, Dec 2012
"Lynda Kerr kindly introduced me to the practice of Reiki. I had no prior knowledge of this modality and was eager to learn the benefits of Reiki. I had already successfully learnt meditation with Lynda previously.

With great anticipation I enrolled for the Reiki 1 course at which Lynda was the Facilitator. Lynda conducted the course in a very professional manner. Her knowledge and practice of Reiki is extensive. She provided comprehensive course notes covering the history, the theory and the practice of Reiki, including "easy-to-understand" instructions for the practice of Reiki.

Overall the course was inspiring and very enjoyable. The practical "hands-on" part of the course was awesome. I felt in the deepest state of relaxation I have ever experienced in my whole life. Lynda also included a few meditations during the day which were very serene and peaceful. Throughout the course Lynda showed patience, understanding and kindness to all participants. I eagerly await the opportunity to do Reiki 2 with Lynda.

Lynda is extremely professional. She demonstrates exceptional commitment to her work in order to enhance the well-being and health of all people with whom she comes in contact.
Lynda is inspirational. Her integrity and leadership are exemplary. She is honest, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, calm, respectful, patient, kind and considerate. She is enthusiastic, creative, happy, inspiring and understanding.

I am extremely grateful to Lynda. I am most appreciative of her enthusiasm to enhance my life with better well-being and health. She has made a significant difference to my life. For this I will be eternally grateful.

I highly recommend Lynda Kerr to all her future clients and course/workshop participants."

- Virginia September 2012

"I loved the workshop…it felt really special. I have been practicing on myself everyday and I have seen amazing results."
- Giordana, Mar 2012

Thankyou so very much. I had a great day and look forward to exploring Reiki further.
- Nathalie, Mar 2012

"I must say, I really enjoyed spending the day with you learning about Reiki, thankyou."
- Carolyn, March 2012

"Reiki is something I had heard of in passing and it was out of interest that I attended Lynda’s workshop. From Lynda’s first words I knew I was on a journey that would change my life. Lynda is a wonderful facilitator with a passion for people and sharing the practical benefits of Reiki that have enhanced my life. Thankyou."
- Lisa, Oct 2011

Testimonials From The Reiki Facial Experience

"I met Lynda Kerr when she attended a She Business lunch and the moment this amazing woman walked in the room her generosity, energy and commitment to her craft was evident. I was lucky enough to have one of her unique Wellness facials – it was healing, energising and a beautiful experience. I highly recommend, Lynda, she has a wealth of experience which she has channelled into a unique and wonderful art form."
- S. Jacobs Feb 2012

"When I experience a session with Lynda her degree of care, expertise and attention ensured that I had the mos sublime experience. True relaxation is hard to find. I highly recommend Lynda as the provider of such an experience."
- Erica, Dec 2011

"Lynda’s divine treatment is a unique blend of complementary therapies that leaves you feeling truly, nourished, both mind and body. Combining Reiki, simple guided meditation with a facial, Lynda’s approach to beauty and wellbeing is so ground breaking and effective that I can’t see myself every having just a standard facial again. I highly recommend allowing Lynda to take you under her wing to help you feel deeply relaxed, replenished and sparkling from within."
- Suzy, Mar 2010

Testimonials From Our Meditation Classes

As we approach the close of 2016 I just want to take a moment to thank you for my meditation practice throughout the year. In the 5 years I have been a part of the meditation journey guided so lovingly by you, I have achieved so much & hopefully I will continue to do so in the years to come.

I know I say this & you are probably tired of it but I quite honestly think you saved my life not only when I started with you in 2011 & I had such stress & high blood pressure but again after my heart attack in 2014. You were there guiding & encouraging me at all times. Thank you dearest Lynda.

Sylvia xx

I’m calmer, less stressed plus I have notice a significant enhancement in my sleeping patterns
Kerry (Feb 2016)

Every single day I feel more balanced and relaxed and clear in my thinking now that I have introduced the simple techniques that Lynda has shared with me. Thankyou so much.
Colin (March, 2016)

I am far more relaxed than I used to be and stay calm in situations that normally would have triggered a not-all-that-calm reaction. It’s great!
Lance, March, 2016

Thank you so much for your guidance, wisdom and tips you’ve given us over the past six weeks.
It’s been great learning more about the art of meditation and all the different ways it can be done.

Claire (North Sydney) March, 2016

I attended Lynda's Pure and Simple meditation course. Her passion for meditation is clear and bright. Lynda is an engaging, insightful and warm presenter. She offers bite-sized bits of meditation info and practices that are perfect to integrate into busy lives. I thoroughly recommend her meditation program!
Fiona (Putney, NSW) March 2016

I came along to a couple of your classes - I'm visiting from the UK. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed them and also meeting you and the lovely people in your class. The sessions made a big impression on me and I am so glad I was able to make a couple at least.
Sue Sherman (visiting from United Kingdom, Oct/Nov 2015)

I consider myself very fortunate to have Lynda in my life. She has helped me with my stress and anxiety. I have been coming to Lynda’s various meditations now for 4 years and every session seems seemingly relevant to me and I feel leaving so very much better. Sylvia (March 2015)

In Lynda’s meditation class I begin to “let go” and find some freedom and clarity. Every time, I return Lynda is welcoming, kind and facilitates an hour of sensibvle, practical and warm meditation. For this I am grateful.
Carole (March 2015)

Dear Lynda,

The first time I attended your meditation group in October 2014, I knew I had found what I was searching for – I felt I had come home. Since then our weekly group meditations, in the Kirribilli centre are a very important part of my week. The blending of like minded people sharing a meditation together is very powerful and all the more so, because of your wonderful guidance. These meditations for me, allow for a deeper connection and are an inspiration for us all. Each week is a different experience, which is valuable as it challenges me to expand my thoughts and experiences. Thankyou!
Susan (March 2015)

I have a renewed interest in meditation having been inspired by Lynda Kerr while attending her classes at Kirribilli. “When the student is ready the master appears”.

Lynda welcomes everyone with her friendliness and new insights weekly. She encourages a group dynamics of friendliness, acceptance and harmony with an energy of calmness throughout the group meditation.
Lynda is passionate and knowledgeable about her craft. Meditation is part of her Spirit which she shares with the group and joyfully leads us on our journey. During the meditation class there is an oasis of tranquillity and insights. A peaceful time out, a quietening of the mind and connection of energy, calmness and stillness. Thankyou Lynda for sharing your passion and continued learning with us at Kirribilli Meditation class.
Tricia (April 2015)

Lynda was invited to run mindfulness workshops with our consumers who live with mental illness. Lynda ran three sessions, the benefits of practicing mindfulness were evident from the onset. Lynda’s calm and peaceful approach, was quite powerful in leading the group into exploring and understanding meditation skills.
Lynda’s passion around mindfulness resonates, one truly taps into ‘the power of the mind.
Lynda, may you continue to impact people in such a gentle, yet powerful way.

Lena (community Support Worker) June, 2014

From the moment I attended Lynda's meditation group, I knew I'd found the right place to explore meditation! Lynda welcomed me into the group with a big warm smile and a beautiful relaxing atmosphere and I felt welcome in the group straight away. Meditation was completely new to me and I thought it would be the hardest thing to do, but Lynda showed me, that everyone can meditate and find that inner peace it’s all about. I have enjoyed every one of the journeys Linda has taken me on.

Tina, Manly (October, 2014)

I highly recommend Lynda who is a caring, gentle, fun and professional facilitator. Lynda creates a safe nurturing space for all participants. Each week is an adventure away from the everyday to connect with myself, the me that is there between my thoughts. I feel so very grateful to Lynda and this friendly group of individuals.
Glenda, Neutral Bay (April 2014)

“My program supports people living with mental illness. We had heard of the benefits of practicing mindfulness particularly with people experiencing anxiety.

We asked Lynda to hold mindfulness workshops over three weeks with us and the people we support. Lynda set up a space where we felt safe and relaxed and willing to let go. Practicing mindfulness with Lynda was very calming, and more importantly, fun. Everyone that attended the workshops had great feedback and we hope to invite her back soon.”

M Cama, 2014- Community Outreach Program

I have been attending Lynda Kerr’s meditation sessions for some time and am always impressed with the way she varies these. She creates, for the group a wonderful, inclusive meditative experience each time. Not surprisingly Lynda has a loyal following.

Vera (October, 2013)

Hello, and a very big thankyou for the Mindfulness meditation yesterday facilitated by Lynda Kerr at Stanton Library, North Sydney for Health week. I have Hashimoto’s Disease and Secondary Sjogren’s Syndrome, both cause anxiety, and I was recommended to try meditation. I go so much out of your session Lynda, thankyou. I am our voluntary canteen school coordinator at the local school and I had to get up and make a speech in front of a packed hall for the 2014 Kindy parents last night and was crazy nervous. Lynda’s breathing technique while I was waiting to be called up on stage while imagining I was in a lovely garden on my own special chair, the only butterflies around were in my garden and not my stomach. Ha! Thankyou again, the session was perfect timing and enabled me to get through last night without fainting or hyperventilating!!

Kate ( October, 2013)

Thankyou for all that you do to make meditation a delight! Every time I meditate with you I am always transported to a place of peace and bliss. It never ceases to amaze me how your voice and skill can always calm my heart. You have a wonderful gift. Thankyou for sharing it.

Leila (September, 2013)

"Thankyou for facilitating your beautiful meditation each week and for providing the platform to meet all the lovely souls that come to meditation. It is a truly wonderful community you have created through your decision and vision to “give back”. In Lynda’s classes all are welcomed and it is a time of no judgement and a time of gratitude, awareness.....a time to just be!! I have listened to many meditation facilitators over the decades and find Lynda’s voice during the meditation to be one of the most beautiful, calm and melodic voices that I have come across. Her words come from deep within filled with truth and passion. I am grateful for the wisdom that she share with us."
- Sue. (Artarmon) September, 2013

Travelling to Sydney from England to stay with family for several months, I undertook another journey when I joined Lynda’s Kirribilli weekly meditation group. With Lynda’s excellent facilitation and teaching skills, I have embarked on my own meditation journey. Meditation has now enabled and empowered me to push all the issues and thoughts of the day to the periphery, to seek and find an inner calm and peace, to know how to be still. And the group became so much more that meditation skills and understanding, it became a haven of calm in the busy day, and a route into friendship and understanding of other lives. Indeed for me it has also become the doorway to a new and previously unforeseen and unplanned journey, a route to further meditation learning and possible even teaching myself back home here in the UK.

Joy Morning-Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England. (August, 2013)

Lynda, thankyou for introducing me to meditation. You’ve definitely opened my eyes to realise the power of the mind to heal and relax. I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and always felt fantastic afterwards. You are a great facilitator (with a very calm and soothing voice) and are very skilled at tailoring the session to everyone’s needs, regardless of experience. Through your sessions, I have leant meditation skills which I continue to use throughout my day to day routine. I would highly recommend your sessions.

Tamara, Marketing Manager, (August, 2013)

"A big thankyou to Lynda for her shining wisdom and guidance. I look forward to her meditation every week. It allows me to reset and feel refreshed, strong within and ready to move with ease through the world.”
- Mia Pursehouse. (Kirribilli, August 2013)

"As a facilitator of meditation, Lynda brings to sessions all those qualities and virtues individuals need in this complex world. Peace of mind, clarity of thought, kindness and vitality are but a few of those attributes we all would like to achieve in this stress-overloaded world. Lynda, gently lead people to that peaceful place where change can happen...then supports that change. As experienced in Lynda’s classes, meditation is not a ‘quite fix’. It is a calm journey which involves incredible insights and transformations. This applies to one’s personal life, family life and professional life. I refer to Lynda’s classes as “the gift that keeps on giving”.
- Thankyou Lynda. Wendy, August 2013

"I had been curious about meditation for a long time and tried to practice at home however felt somewhat ‘stuck’. Since seeing Lynda for personal classes I have been meditating daily and I can honestly say that it has a tremendously positive effect on my life. I credit Lynda for helping me getting properly started on this journey by giving me the focus and tools I needed.

I love that she teaches not any particular style of meditation but equips you with various techniques so you can figure out what works best for you. She has also introduced me a little bit to Reiki and I am sure I will see her again in future.

Thank you Lynda for making a positive difference in my life! :)"

- Hanna. Neutral Bay (July 2013)

"I always feel light, peaceful, calm, energised and clear headed after attending Lynda’ s weekly meditation class in Kirribilli. I always walk away with a beautiful experience of peace and tranquillity that benefit’s me throughout my week.

Lynda creates a bright, alive, friendly, welcoming and colourful atmosphere to practice and share meditation with other like-minded people.

She is definitely one of my favourite modern day mystics and healers."

- Robyn ,Mosman. July 2013

"Lynda’s welcoming and non- judgemental nature immediately imparts calm.
The meditation sessions are all encompassing, non- denominational and allows all to experience a broad range of meditation styles.

Lynda always delivers every meditation with forethought, ease, calm and joy. Her love of meditation permeates every session. At the end of the mediation and throughout my week I always feel more joyous and connected than when I arrive. I am grateful to be able to participate in Lynda’s meditation sessions weekly."

- Diana ,Neutral Bay . July 2013

"The chakra theme meditation group was very relaxing. There was great guidance for visualization and learning more about the energy of chakras.

Lynda has a very gentle but present style to ensure the class is purposeful in each moment. Thank you, Lynda."

- Caroline, North Sydney. July 2013

"Dear Lynda,
I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you so much for your recent meditation class in Kirribilli. As you know I was only on holidays in Australia. I really enjoyed your classes. I found them to be extremely relaxing and calming. You have a beautiful way about you and your voice tends to help people meditate. I found you and all the group to be very welcoming. I looked forward to going every Wednesday. I hope that I will be able to continue with the meditation back home in Ireland. You have given me a great introduction to meditation and for that I very grateful."

- Liz, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland. July 2013

"Fourteen months ago, at the commencement of my journey to explore natural therapies, I joined a Meditation group. Lynda Kerr is the Facilitator of this group.

During the past year I have been absolutely blessed to have been guided along my journey by Lynda.
Lynda has always been a true professional in every way. Her integrity and leadership are exemplary. She is honest, caring, compassionate, considerate, respectful and thoughtful. Lynda has generously shared her knowledge, wisdom, passion and expertise in facilitating the various courses and workshops I have attended regarding Meditation and Reiki.

I am sincerely grateful to Lynda for making such a difference to my life. I highly recommend Lynda Kerr to all her future clients and course/workshop participants."

- Virginia - September 2012

"I could go on for pages. Lynda, I am of the belief wounded souls turn up at your class and you accept them in and make them whole again. You have helped me more than I could ever tell you. I was so stressed when I started at meditation, my blood pressure was so sky high the doctor was considering hospitalising me. I was miserable and felt quite lost. Because of you my life was turned around.

My bp is normal I have learned to accept I cannot control everything, you have taught me tranquility. When I was diagnosed with my virus last year my friends were amazed I didn't stress right out, no, I had been taught to breathe and oh Lynda, the help this has given me.

Not only your wonderful grace but then comes along the girls in the meditation group. I have made 4 lifelong friends (5 if I may include you). Such loving caring likeminded people. We will definitely be in touch for life.

So thank you Lynda, for everything you have taught me, for all the help you have given me, and for the many times you have listened to my worries and shown me how to send them flying away."

- Sylvia October 2012

"Lynda, thankyou for opening my eyes, that have been closed for so long.
- Carol, Mar 2012

"Thanks to Lynda’s classes, I feel like a new person, so much more relaxed."
- Joanne, Mar, 2012

"I would recommend Lynda as a great meditation teacher, no matter what your previous experience. She has an amazing gift to be able to cater to everyone’s needs."
- Judy, Mar 2012

"Lynda I had so much fun at your meditation workshop, and felt so relaxed for days after. Thank you again, I will be joining your other classes. "
- Louise, May, 2012

Reiki Sessions in practice

“When I first met Lynda I was hardly able to walk after 2 years of post viral fatigue brought on by swine flu. After the first Reiki treatment during which I could feel the energy coming through Lynda I felt like a different person for a day. Over the next few treatments Lynda was able to increase my energy levels so that they would last longer. I took her Reiki 1 and 2 course and was initiated into using Reiki everyday on myself. Lynda is a caring, inspirational and wonderful teacher and I can only recommend to anyone to take a treatment or a Reiki course. The course and her treatments have changed my life dramatically as I am now able to do so much more again. I have started to play soccer, the sport of my youth, and have an active life with my husband and 2 boys. Even my boys (10 and 8) would like to learn more about 'the force' as they call it and would love to do the course as they have seen the change in me.

I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have met Lynda and no one will ever know how grateful I am to her for the change she brought to my life. Her positive energy radiates outward and her Reiki skills are outstanding.

Thank you so much.”

Antje ( March 2014)

“I consider reiki sessions with Lynda as the cleansing tonic for my body, mind and soul! After session I always feel renewed, balanced, relaxed, with clarity in my mind and peace in my heart. I feel that reiki sessions with Lynda are constantly improving my life, enhancing my well being and quality of life! Somehow Lynda is unlocking my ability to improve my energy levels and align myself with beautiful vibrations and flow of life. ”
Deeply grateful, Maya (Dec, 2013)

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